I just need to catch my breath

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Being a type A … this last semester has challenged me on every level. I am learning that there is nothing wrong with saying no and accepting good enough instead of killing myself for perfection…. Maybe this means I am growing up. This last 3 months has been a whirlwind of; Every cold and version of the flue a small … Read More

Lets show support, not wast time bashing each other.

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Let’s not wast time bashing each other or criticizing the way one goes about showing support for Breast Cancer Awareness. Let’s keep the focus on what is important, support, compassion and awareness for an important cause that affects all of us one way or anther. I am touched by the efforts to create awareness for breast cancer and those affected. … Read More

“Mommy, Somebody Needs You.”

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  This is quite possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever read! Transitioning from a working mom to a SAHM, I never imagined how much more demanding it would be. It is the hardest job I have ever had, with the least amount of validation and no time off=) . Full time mom is a job I feel privileged … Read More

One of those days!

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Ever have one of those days…. The kind where you wake up behind! Today is “one of those for me! I consumed nearly a sleeve of girls scout thin mint cookies,  was covered in my husbands coffee, then my coffee. To top it all I pulled my groin muscle doing my impression of an Olympic gymnast, contorting in ways I didn’t know I could, trying … Read More