Don’t Overthink It, Just Start. 42 Pounds Down.

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So here I am, almost a full three months out from officially starting back on my weight loss journey post baby. I made it through Halloween, Thanksgiving and thus faring the Christmas season and I am down 42.6 pounds. ( I lost 3.2 more between taking the picture and now).imageTalk about picking a heck of a time to start loosing weight right? Well, that’s exactly it, there is never a better time than now! Getting healthy is a lifestyle, not a quick fix.

My secret for overcoming holiday temptations, I keep a visual reminder of my goals in my kitchen as a reminder that a healthy life feels so so much better than any indulgent treat taste. This isn’t to say that I deny myself the treats that come with the holiday season, I just do so in moderation and with my goals in mind.

I also don’t beat myself up. After my initial 20Lbs loss in October I was a little disappointed to see that I had only lost 6 Lbs in November. Rather than dwell on it or beat myself up, I celebrated that any pounds down are better than 1Lb up and… I got to have my pumpkin pie and eat it to. I didn’t let my self get wrapped up in the numbers and I was able to focus on the progress and the fact that healthy choices and activity are a part of the lifestyle I want to live. I was able to keep making progress and lose an additional 16 Pounds…. IN DECEMBER!
The How:
First and most important, I always give my self the grace to be human. I am a momma of three active girls, one of which still doest sleep more than 5-6 hours a night. My schedule is defined by my girls daily school schedules, after school activities, and basic needs. So, I have to be flexible with my fitnes routine and that is okay! I do my best to get in some activity every day, even if this means rolling out of bed like a zombie and cranking out a few push ups and sit ups while my brain adjusts/accepts that the day has begun. I also try to have at least three days a week where I take the time to actually focus on a full 60 min of exercise. Some weeks I do more and some weeks I barely get in two.

What my average Diet Looks like as of now:

Im not going to lie… I HATE breakfast and I would rather not eat until noon! So, I keep it simple. I always have a cup or three of black coffee with a splash of milk(2 Tbsp) and 1egg,1 egg white scrambled with a handful of spinach or a shakeology, to get my metabolism up and running. BIG Glass of Water.

Apple and a sugar-free rock star… I know, I know they are horrible for your gut,did I mention my youngest still isn’t sleeping though the night? The cafeene also aids in suppressing my appetite so I am not as likely to want to graze through the day. Big Glass of Water.

A Salad with tuna, or chicken, a sliced hardboiled egg and almonds and light yogurt ranch dressing. Coffee and Big glass of Water.

Snack: String Cheese Big Glass of Water

This Varries every night, I try to choose a clean recipe as often as possible.( I will be posting my favorites under the Recipe section). I also always fill half my plate with a salad or vegetable. Big Glass of water.


I try Not to eat again after dinner since we are done with dinner and putting the kids to bed around 7. But, If my body is telling me that I am hungry I will slice up an apple and eat it with 1 Tbsp of Peanut butter and 1 Tbsp Nutella. The Nutella feels like a treat and keeps me from snarfing on my husbands nightly platter of nachos.

* I know you have heard it a million times before, but Water, Lots and lots of water. Not only is it necessary to help flush the fat, you will be surprised at how much it affects your energy levels and more often than not if you think you are hungry you body may be trying to tell you it needs more water.

The Workout I focused on this month:

Simple Circuit moves to build my endurance and strength back up, while getting my heart pumping. Circuits are also great because you can do them at home with hand weights or at the gym.
To see the Simple Circuit I did this month Just click on the link.

I will keep all my exercise routines in the Workout Box on the home page if you want to find them anytime without having to search through the blog post to get to them again.

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