Real Love Takes the Courage to be an Individual

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If we lack the courage to be individuals, we will never achieve a genuine real love.

You must start in a place of knowing who you are and that you do not need someone to make you happy, take care of  you or give you your value.

You can do All of these things for your self!

To truly love and be loved; is to take joy in seeing your other half learn, evolve, and grow. To find your self attracted tot he spark of life in their eyes when they are full of passion and drive. and to find your own spark independent of another.

True love does not require one to adapt their interest, rather eagerly celebrates their partners passions even when they differ from your own.

Love finds joy in sharing in each others successes, humor, interests and differences.

Love takes pleasure in adding to your partners joy and happiness, however it is not responsible for it.

A true partner will remain an individual and invest in engaging in your differences as you evolve.

Love cannot be achieved, love is an action of practice an ongoing pursuit to know and celebrate your partner.

Love is not something you fall into.

Love is an action of choosing to “stand in”, beside your partner believing in and reminding them of their strengths if they forget.

Love isn’t always easy, but it should never hurt.

We all deserve love, but we must stop and acknowledge that we deserve our own love before we can accept the love of another.



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