The after math of Domestic violence

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aftermath of domestic violence

The after math of Domestic violence is a closet in your mind. One of those closets that’s packed to the brim with so much shit, when you open it, everything violently tumbles out. You’re left sitting there with a mess in front of you and it’s… Overwhelming. You’ll never get this closet organized, it simply has to stay shut. Forever. You guard it, you protect it.  It doesn’t scare you, you just know that it’s there. Sometimes people will accidentally open the door and its out of your control as you watch everything come pouring out.  The mess is pain, anxiety, loss off self, anger… Your only weapon to fight it with is sheer will to find your true voice again. You have to learn to say, “This is a mess, but it isn’t my mess. I keep this mess hidden in my head so that others don’t have to bear it. So that they can know pleasure instead pain. Love instead of loss, joy instead of despair, happiness instead of anger. This mess belongs with me, not them. For I willingly sacrificed parts of myself, physically and mentally, in the hopes that they may live better lives.” I truly hope you have the mental fortitude to call out wrong when you see it, to stand with those who can’t stand on their own yet and to live with joy and pride knowing you are strong.
To all my Purple Heart bearers, I love you. ?

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