The after math of Domestic violence

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aftermath of domestic violence

The after math of Domestic violence is a closet in your mind. One of those closets that’s packed to the brim with so much shit, when you open it, everything violently tumbles out. You’re left sitting there with a mess in front of you and it’s… Overwhelming. You’ll never get this closet organized, it simply has to stay shut. Forever. … Read More

I just need to be unfiltered and real.

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I am a work in progress not just physically but emotionally, I don’t think it is beneficial to dwell on ones flaws, I do think it is appropriate to be honest with ourselves. These last few weeks have not been easy for me. My mind has been a drift in the murky waters of negative self talk, criticism and self-doubt. … Read More

I Want to Know the Real Unfiltered You

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Challenged by small talk, a barrier to depth, a diversion from what is real. I want to hear your truth, don’t sugar coat it. No matter how blunt or raw, I want to hear your thoughts. I want to know the real unfiltered you, so that I can appreciated you for all that you really are. I am not interested … Read More

A Mothers Worry

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I carry so much guilt and worry. How will my decisions impact and affect you? It was never a part of the plan, the conflict you face with a split family. I pray I will make the right choices, keeping you safe while affording you the right to love, untainted, whom ever you chose to love. I seek to always keep … Read More