I am not perfect I am real

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Laugh lines and wrinkles

I have laugh lines and crows feet, because I am no longer 20.

I am good with this, my 20s were a hard time for me and so far my 30’s have been way more fun, so bring it on wrinkles… Just make sure you tell a good story of a life full of love and good people.

My skin is not as firm or taught as I had imagined it would be…. well guess what, I am getting older and I have lost a crap ton ( this is an official term for over 100 lb )of weight.


Weight that bogged me down and held me back.  So if the price of a strong healthy lean body that can run, jump, play and make memories with my family… is a little extra   “slack” in the skin on my legs, then so be it!!  I will take the lessons that life gave me in my journey to find my health and I will enjoy and treasure opportunities with my family over the self loathing that came with filling out that skin in a taught… however not firm way, any day!


This skin held My growing babies

I have loose skin on my belly from carrying my two healthy beautiful girls,  I refuse to resent it. I worked hard to earn the body I have for the sake of playing with my girls and being the best most energetic version of me I can be.  I enjoy the fact that I can pull my stomach in tight and see muscle development that reflects my hard work and building strength… I also don’t mind bending over or sitting down and seeing the crinkled skin that once held my loves as they grew to be strong and healthy enough to take on the world beyond my womb.

My point is, life is imperfect, bodies are imperfect, own it, love it.  Make the choices that make you happy and don’t give others the power to make you uncomfortable in your own skin!

I grew up thinking my mom was the most beautiful woman in the world. I also grew up hearing her highlighting what she perceived to be her flaws, because that is what society has taught her and decades of other women to do.  Lets break this cycle and make it okay to love yourself with no apology for your confidence. If only my mom could see herself  through my eyes!  I always saw a woman with glorious auburn curls, vibrant green eyes, the cheekbones of a celebrity and a smile that could break the grumpy stubborn stare down of a disgruntled child.


Like mother Like daughter

I have never seen any of the flaws she speaks of, all I see is the strong, smart woman with an unwavering love for her children.  A woman I always knew had no limits, she could tackle any challenge, endure any struggle and come out stronger, she can offer insight while still giving her children the grace to arrive at the solution on their own, making them stronger adults.  As each year goes by, I also see more and more of her in my reflection, I am honored to look like her! I hope I age just like my mother, she is beautiful inside and out!!

Some day my children will see me, in their reflections, and I hope they love what they see. Please, do not hold your self to unrealistic expectations of strangers. If someone does not know you well enough to remember the stories behind your laugh lines or they have never loved the children you held in the extra skin you carry on your tummy… and they don’t see the beauty of your imperfections and how they make you real and human, well then who gives a flying frog about their opinion?!

Those who are worth your emotional time and energy will find your imperfections to enhance your beauty, because they tell your story.






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