Progress Not Perfection

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15 Months of not giving up=125 lb down

15 months of perusing progress, NOT perfection! There is no denying this body has carried three, 9-10 lb babies and the excess weight that came with each pregnancy. I wouldn’t want to! This body of mine is a powerful tool capable of growing my three amazing girls and crushing goals! When fueled properly, challenged regularly and powered by a mindset … Read More

Answers to my Most asked Question.

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I have received lots of questions in my inbox this last week (Keep them coming! :), and many of you have the same questions. I thought I would pull together a quick post to answer your most asked questions. Please feel free to leave questions, comments or send me an email any time. I will always do my best to … Read More

Weight Loss Journey: Stephanie’s Story

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My name is Stephanie, I just turned 30 and I run a small business from home. I have two amazing children and a super supportive husband.  I was a thin healthy active teen. I started to gain weight in my early 20s after having kids going through a divorce and the depression that followed my divorce. I gained my weight … Read More