Progress Not Perfection

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15 Months of not giving up=125 lb down

15 months of perusing progress, NOT perfection!

When you pursue progress over perfection the motivation is so much easier to keep.

When you pursue progress over perfection the motivation is so much easier to keep.

There is no denying this body has carried three, 9-10 lb babies and the excess weight that came with each pregnancy. I wouldn’t want to! This body of mine is a powerful tool capable of growing my three amazing girls and crushing goals!

When fueled properly, challenged regularly and powered by a mindset of optimism and dedication, there are no challenges to large!

Success doesn’t “just happen” because you wish for it. People who succeed in ANYTHING get there because they set goals, made a plan and took action.

Some goals are harder to achieve than others, and usually, the really difficult goals are the successes we want the most.


Too often our goals are really vague and open-ended aspirations, said with a sigh and a “someday!” If you want success, your goal needs to become


RELEVANT( personal to you!)

The best thing about making SMART goals is that you will keep making them and REACHING them every day, every week, every year for the rest of your life.


  • The ONE thing I would add to this is that the goals we choose MUST be something we are passionate about. If passion doesn’t exist, the goal will have no drive be hind it and can not be achieved. Get that success and make your goals SMART and personal!


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