How to Throw a Fit and Healthy Holiday Party

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How to Throw a Fit and Healthy Holiday Party

The holidays are upon us and, as fun as this time of year can be, it can also create some unwanted stress. From the end of October through the beginning of January, we typically mark the holiday season with parties and meals. It’s important to note that holiday meals often include 3,000 to 4,500 calories, which is well above the … Read More

HIIT Circuit Cards For you

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Do the warm Up Card  once Each of the remaining cards serves as a station: you will do each move for 30 seconds each back to back. once you have completed all three moves on the card take a 10 second rest and repeat for 3 rounds total. Then move on to the next card. Once you have completed all … Read More

Green smoothies

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Green Smoothies 101: A simple formula for making green smoothies: leafy greens + liquid base + fruit + superfood. Make sure to blend up the greens with the liquid first and then add the rest of your ingredients and blend until smooth. If you are looking to make a complete meal in a cup, add a source of protein and … Read More

The after math of Domestic violence

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aftermath of domestic violence

The after math of Domestic violence is a closet in your mind. One of those closets that’s packed to the brim with so much shit, when you open it, everything violently tumbles out. You’re left sitting there with a mess in front of you and it’s… Overwhelming. You’ll never get this closet organized, it simply has to stay shut. Forever. … Read More

More to your story!

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_ MORE TO YOUR STORY ___ I first wrote this almost a year ago, in a hotel room snuggled in 3 deep, toes to nose with my Mom and Sister. We were staying in a small hotel just outside the University Hospital, Dad was going through the ringer of diagnostics and found out he had come out of remission. We … Read More

Hierarchy of Fat Loss Methods

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So we all know there are a lot of ways to burn fat and many different approaches you can take, it can be overwhelming sitting through all of it. Here are my guidelines to one approach that has worked for myself and for the people I have coached . This is not to say this is the only approach that … Read More

Progress Not Perfection

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15 Months of not giving up=125 lb down

15 months of perusing progress, NOT perfection! There is no denying this body has carried three, 9-10 lb babies and the excess weight that came with each pregnancy. I wouldn’t want to! This body of mine is a powerful tool capable of growing my three amazing girls and crushing goals! When fueled properly, challenged regularly and powered by a mindset … Read More

15 Minute Work Out Challenge

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You don’t need a gym membership to get in shape. How many of you have stairs in your home or have flights of stairs at work? I bet you didn’t realize you were walking past a potential complete gym everyday. It’s okay, most people are unfamiliar with the potential and power of the staircase. Stairs offer innovative options for cardiorespiratory, … Read More