The Aftermath of domestic violence

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aftermath of domestic violence

I can’t even look at you.There is nothing left of the man I once knew.

I held on so long, it was illogical. Fingertips clinging to the cracks in our foundation.

Not willing to let go unable to fail. I made a promise for better or for worse.

But that promise was my burden to bear, not hers. I knew I had to protect her.

It never occurred to me, they would make her go back alone. Without me there, to stand between and keep her safe.

I feel the ache of sorrow tightening in my throat. I pray she will never understand why I left. That you only ever show her the good.

Tonight, as I walk away with my healthy beautiful girl, safe in my arms I will count my blessings.

Home, again busy with the sound of easy laughter, a sanctuary of love and trust.

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