How to make Working out a Habit: When you are to busy

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If you’re feeling defeated when it comes to fitness and working out, you are not alone, I am right there with you, It’s hard!

There are many times when I DO want to work out but I feel like life is pulling me in 100 directions and there’s just no way I can make it work. With one in school from 8-3, another in school 9-12, and a baby who naps in-between shuttling her siblings around, I struggle with getting out of the house for anything else … let alone for the purpose of physical exertion.

That being said, I wanted to share with you what actually helps me stay motivated and find the time to work out.

Step One: Do what works best for you!
I have been struggling with keeping a gym membership at a facility I love, full of people I have connected with and the reality that 5 am trips to the gym are killing me. Working out at home during little O’s nap is a much better option for me. Though I hate to give up my gym… I know it is just for a little while. Taking the guilt of not fully using my gym member ship of my plate, has helped me feel more focused on my home workout. You just have to pick a plan and place you can stick with and set yourself up for success.
Step Two: Get a workout calendar.
I keep mine on the fridge with each days goal write out (cardio, strength, upper body lower body ect.) No decisions to be made, just a box to check of.  If you are anything like me, nothing feels better then crossing it out as done and moving on to the rest of your to do list.
Step Three: Pick a partner.
There are a couple things that we tend to let go of when life gets crazy: friends and ourself.  An awesome way to keep both of those things in tact… get a workout buddy! (Or even more than one!). Having a workout or accountability partner, is an awesome way to stay on track and stay motivated. Whether you are pushing each other in the gym or checking in for accountability, you are staying connected and motivating each other.
Step Four: Have a plan for childcare!
Finding a gym with good childcare is amazing! I’m not kidding, I have had many days where I found myself at the gym with the sole motivation of having some me time and an uninterrupted shower! When you find your self tied down to the house as I am, plan your workout for a kid free time, to set yourself up for success. For me nothing zaps my motivation like being interrupted with a request for a snack or the never ending “mommy look what I can do”. I stick to working out during nap time with the oldest at school.

Step Five: Improvise
Sometimes there is just nothing you can do to get yourself to a gym. Or you can get caught up in all the gadgets and equipment “needed” to work out at home. There are tons of awesome bodyweight workout that anyone can do right in their own home. No need for weights, pull up bars, etc. You can find a few in the workout section of the page. You can also improvise with most house hold items!! Need a bench? Pull out your footstool or a table bench. Need weights? Dig into your pantry for some canned goods and never underestimate the potential of a sack of potatoes!

If you are interested in investing in home work out gear, you don’t need to go all out. My top home workout tools are: Hand weights: 8,15,20 lb and Fitness Bands! the best price I have found was on amazon.

Step Six: Be aware of excuses.
We can all easily come up with have a 100 excuses as to why it’s not a good time to work out. Be aware of what is an excuse and what is a real reason. But as harsh as it is true, if it’s important to you, you’ll find the time. My all time favorite quote:
 “Do on your worst days what you do on your best days”

Step Seven: Get motivated!
For me nothing can top the vibe of being surrounded by a group of motivated people in a fitness class, with great music and a dynamo instructor. I miss it! To improvise, I make workout play lists that keep me pumped and plan my workout around moves I enjoy and I know will help me reach my goals. I am also addicted to fitness wear! Once I have my cute outfit on with fun bright sneaker I feel compelled to workout so I can justify wearing it out in public ;).

You need to find what pumps you up whether it be a song, new workout clothes, Goals posted on your fridge or a friend you look forward to catching up with during your sweat session and get motivated!

Be proud of yourself!
I think one of the biggest reasons why women (and men) don’t stick with a workout plan is because they don’t see immediate results. I know that being stuck at the same weight the last three weeks has put a damper on my drive. But the reality is that results take time, consistency and honest hard work! You’re not going to get a Brazilian butt over night but if you work hard, eat clean, and stick with it, you WILL see results!

Remember to be proud of yourself for working hard and sticking with a routine even before you begin to see noticeable results. If nothing else, you on your way to a healthy lifestyle and that in itself is something to be proud of!
What helps you stay active? Leave your comments bellow.

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