One of those days!

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One of those days

Ever have one of those days…. The kind where you wake up behind!

Today is “one of those for me! I consumed nearly a sleeve of girls scout thin mint cookies,  was covered in my husbands coffee, then my coffee. To top it all I pulled my groin muscle doing my impression of an Olympic gymnast, contorting in ways I didn’t know I could, trying to a avoid crashing into my oldest daughter… all before 9 am.

Need a good laugh? Let me explain how thing came to be…

 I stayed up way to late, working on my research proposal (2 am), only to have my littles loves wake up bright an early at 6:30. I am NOT, a morning person. Even with 8hrs of sleep, I tend to revert into a cave woman, grunting and stumbling about, until I have had my coffee and an hour to wake up.  So today with 4 hrs of sleep… I don’t even bother to grunt. 

Two days ago, despite knowing that thin mints are my kryptonite, I foolishly caved in and bought some from the adorable curly-haired neighbor girl… how could I deny her, with those cute brown eyes pleading from behind her awesome purple glasses, framed by wild black curls. I don’t know about you, but without sleep… My impulse control around food is zilch!  I stumbled about getting breakfast ready for the girls. I grabbed the cookies on the counter and shoved one in my mouth… apparently I repeated this process 15 times, while making my coffee.

I didn’t even realize how many of those evil cookies I had eaten until by observant 5-year-old declared, “mom, maybe you shouldn’t eat so many cookies, they are a sometimes food you know!”. Lol, wise beyond her years. 7 am and I just undid, the now inevitable trip to the gym. Gahhhk.

But it was at 8 am that my day really picked up… my sweet husband leaned in to kiss me goodbye and wish me a better day, Only to dump his mug of coffee all over me(He had it perched on top of an arm full of work papers.) I scrambled to clean it up and changed clothes. I threw all the soiled clothes and rags in the wash and grabbed for my coffee… desperate for some caffeine!

O-But of course, it slips from my hand and splattered EVERYWHERE, as it crashed to the ground. R-U-Kidding me?

With the clock ticking down to get Lilly to school, I clean up all the  coffee, that magically keeps seeping out from under the washer and dryer.

Change…AGAIN, rush back down stairs to get the girls coat and shoes on. ONLY, to slip on the apple juice Ava dumped out all over herself and the floor (she recently learned to take the lids of her sippy cups =(.)

Sliding and contorting to avoid slamming into Lilly, who’s eyes are as big as silver dollars as she is frozen in place watching this mess of a mother cone careening toward her. I managed to miss her and pull my groin muscle in the process and I slammed into the corner of our cabinets instead.

Really!? Really?! Sigh… Change Ava, Change my socks, The mess will have to wait until we get home, Lilly is late for school.

So, here I am at  9 am. Juice spill still on the floor, laundry waiting to be run,mounds of grad reading I have to get through by tonight class, procrastinating the work-out and shower I so desperately need.

Maybe, after I chug this pint of coffee and laugh about how entertaining the play back would be if we had a nanny cam… then,  I will be ready to catch up on all  the tasks, I am already so far behind on;).

Am I the only one who has days like this?

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2 Comments on “One of those days!”

    1. =) Its a good thing I have a sense of humor, Lilly just told me today that she can’t wait to be a mom and do what ever she wants. Ha! I would much rather nap and eat snacks and play all day then laundry,dishes, three grad classes,house keeping and playing the bad guy( to min after I was the coolest mom ever for building a fort with her in dress up clothes). =)

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