Boot camp routine

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Back On track boot camp: Dedication+New Habits= Results!

Cardio 15 min+ Weights M,W,F.

HIIT cardio 30-60min T,Th


WEEK 1-4 WEEK 5-8  WEEK 8-12

I have been absolutely LOVING the weight sessions it is amazing to see improvements from the 1st week.


I am far from perfect and life has a way of challenging any set routine or schedule I make for my self. The point is to keep at it, if you miss a day, don’t give up, just pick up where you left of!! Even when I only get in 2-3 lifts due to a hectic schedule, the results are still amazing. So imagine what the results would be if I actually STUCK to everything!

I have to admit the cardio part is my biggest challenge! I always have to talk myself into it but,I never regret doing it! I just have to keep reminding myself that my fitness should be a priority, just as much as taking care of the family, school work and all the silly ” to do list” I make myself. Sometimes I forget that.

It is also incredibly helpful to have a workout buddy!! For me, I learned that I really do need a workout partner – especially on those days where I can think of a million other things I ” need” to her done. Having my best girlfriend send me the encouraging ” gym time” text and knowing, It honestly makes it so much more enjoyable to have her there, makes me look forward to working out. Also, a workout partner keeps you accountable, some how I can justify letting myself down on my goals… But I feel awful bailing on her at the gym. I suggest that everyone at least tries having a workout partner to see what you think of it.

image Don’t be afraid to hit up the weights – it will make you stronger and give you definition and confidence at least give it a try! You never know what you will think of it unless you try it.  Now go lift weights and take charge of your health.

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