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Do you ever have days where you are tired and even the simplest of task is hard? Or your snapping at your spouse or children all day? Yeah me neither ?.

Well a lot of times if that happens there is something to blame! It’s SUGARS fault. I am addicted to the white stuff. I haven’t met a cookie, cake or candy that I can say no too. And I don’t know moderation. I want to eat every bit of sugar there is in the house all at once. But what helps me is starting the day off right with a good breakfast. (I know, I know, no breaking news with this idea)
Getting to eat a healthy breakfast is extraordinarily hard. Having to get everyone ready and out the door on time leaves me grabbing toaster waffles or granola bars. But once the kids are dropped off at school I am looking to find my next hit of sugar.
I have found a solution to my problem; refrigerator oatmeal. When I start the day off with a jar of refrigerator oatmeal I feel full for several hours and it’s easier to pass up a donut or bagel. Refrigerator oatmeal is quick and easy to make. From start through cleanup it takes less than 15 min and it lasts for up to 3 days in the refrigerator. The Base of the recipe is three ingredients, whole milk, full fat Greek yogurt and uncooked steel cut oats. (I like to use steel cut oats because it has a nutty flavor and keeps its texture longer.)


½ cup Whole fat Greek yogurt
1 cup Whole Milk
½ cup uncooked Steel cup oats
1 tablespoon Honey
½ cup walnuts
Mix yogurt, milk, oatmeal and honey together in a large bowl. Divide into 4 small air tight containers (I use old jelly jars) sprinkle walnuts on top, cover and place in refrigerator overnight. It’s that easy. In the morning just grab a spoon and you are all set. You can change the recipe up by using fruit or other nuts.
4 reasons why I suggest using Whole fat dairy products?
1) It tastes better and fills you longer so you eat less.
2) Less sugar. Whenever fat is stripped away sugar is added so it will taste better.
3) According to Dr. Mario Kratz, at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle interview with time magazine from March 5 2015, 18 out of 25 studies show that individuals who’s diets contained full fat dairy had lower body weights, less weight gain, or a lower risk for obesity. You may ask what about the other 7 studies what did they show? And that is a wonderful question. The remaining studies were inconclusive. Dr. Kratz goes on to say that “None of the research suggested low-fat dairy is better,”


Nutritional breakdown
½ cup Steel cut oats 300 cal
1 cup whole milk 150 cal
½ cup Greek yogurt 100 cal
1 tablespoon honey 64 cal
½ cup walnuts 185 cal
799/4= approx. 200 cal per serving

½ cup Steel cut oats 2g sugar
1 cup whole milk 12g sugar
½ cup Greek yogurt 3g sugar
1 tablespoon honey 17g sugar
½ cup walnuts 1g sugar
35/4 = approx. 8.75 g sugar per serving

½ cup Steel cut oats 10g protein
1 cup whole milk 8g protein
½ cup Greek yogurt 10g protein
1 tablespoon honey 0g protein
½ cup walnuts 6g protein
34/4 = approx. 8.5 g protein

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