Lets show support, not wast time bashing each other.

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Let’s not wast time bashing each other or criticizing the way one goes about showing support for Breast Cancer Awareness. Let’s keep the focus on what is important, support, compassion and awareness for an important cause that affects all of us one way or anther.


Worldgate Workout for the cure: Spin Group

I am touched by the efforts to create awareness for breast cancer and those affected.  I would encourage you to consider, that however support is given/shown, within the unique ability or resources of each individual, it always better than no support.

Be kind to one and other and don’t make it about you… remember what it is all about, compassion, support and awareness.  Keep spreading the word however you can!

If it is within your means to do so, I encourage you to find an organization you believe in and donate to the cause.






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