No excuses Monday (with only an hour left)

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Today was another ” no excuses Monday…. even though I had a whole wad of legitimate one :).


No motivation today!
Time to suck it up Butter Cup!

Sunday, I found my self with a weeks worth of,  procrastinated,  home work for grad school.  (Remind me NEVER again, take three core classes at the same time!)

So sunday night, I buckled down determined to finish my online module development, Research proposal and additional efficacy research paper for my advanced Instructional Design course. :{

Upon completing and submitting my last assignment, I victoriously threw my hands  in the air, like a prize bull rider.  This victory was short-lived… once I saw the clock… 6:30 am! Gaahhhk

I rushed to bed in desperate hope for falling into a deep and restful sleep for the whole1.5 hrs I had before the girls would wake up.

But no, my big girl came in Promptly at 7:30 to tell me she wanted breakfast, long exhausted sigh. I did my mommy duties and contemplated skipping the gym and trying to Nap before my Class tonight.  After 4 cups of coffee, I told my self ” No, it’s a No Excuses Monday, so buck up buttercup and get ready to go”.

So I faked some enthusiasm and completed day 2 of the Jamie Eaton 12 week transformation, burning 550 calories ( I worked hard and fast.. I just wanted to get it done =). Took my beloved gym shower and got ready for school. After working out I was surprised to see how much more energy I had! instead of napping with the baby before class, I busted out a few more assignments.


Thank god for makeup to cover the dark circles! Workout done, Now of to school

That may have been a mistake since 4:00 hit me like a brick wall! I tossed back a 5 hour energy shot and hit class.  I have never had one of those before…. and probably never will again!  I have never felt so crappy. I was exhausted and dizzy and I thought my heart might just pound right out of my chest!!!

But, I did it, I conquered a day preloaded with excuses and managed to leave them all on the shelf and tackle all of the days goals.out done, Now of to school

I would love to hear some of you No Excuse victories!

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