NO Excuses Monday !

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What better excuse is there, to skip the gym, then a SNOW DAY! But, today is No Excuses Monday! So instead of making excuses, I improvised.


It’s not quite as easy to keep good form, with wiggling kids, but we are working with what we have. The girls were having so much fun, full of giggles and energy.

I ended up doing way more reps than I had planned on… their excited and squeals of joy kept me going.

I wore my Polar Loop band and heart rate monitor. In 45 min I burned 450 calories by turning my workout into a game with my girls.( probably 30 min if actual work out with 10-5 eaten up w logistical Kidd things)

Here is what we did:

70 squats with one on board as fast as I could

70 right leg lunges With a three second hold and pula at the top of each one. Repeat on left leg

70 more squats holding both kiddos as fast as we could( I started feet together for chair squat …. Not easy to hold the girls and stay balanced on that one).

1 minute dead lift the kidds: alternating between lifting and lowering in a 1 count- 2 count every ten lifts.(a bar is way easier to keep good form, but it worked and they LOVED IT!

No pics for the rest ( my husband got bored;), but here is what we did.

42 push ups : the girls loved trying to do it to( Lilly cand do the wOrm like a pro????

70 or each for abs:crunch-street legs held out and of the floor crunch- Russians twist-by circle crunch. Dips from the couch w one leg extended

1:39 plank

70:heels in step hip thrust – one ley foot to crawling hip thrust 39 per leg.

high knees stair climb ( up and down as fast as you can 2 mi )… The girls were bored w my and playing on their own, I would. Not reccomend doing this w them around.

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