Poop and Soup

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Poop and soup… what a day!

You have to be kidding me… if being a mom has taught me anything it is how to laugh in those moments where I could just cry.

There I was 
cleaning up dinner when Oldest, Lilly declares ” I am full”. Bent over busy loading dishwasher I direct her to bring her dish to sink… instead, she brings the entire tray I placed her dinner on and stands DIRECTLY over my head, with her tray, full bowl of soup and partial glass of milk. I stand up, smashing my head Into her tray and sending soup flying EVERY where…. Including all My oldest and the baby. Really!?!  With my husband out-of-town and no time for self-pity, I send Lilly to clean up, strip Ava naked and take the rugs, towels and clothing to laundry. As I walk back into the Kitchen with the broom and dust pan… I see Ava has ripped of her diaper and is literally MID POOP in middle of kitchen. I don’t know why, but I leapt forward to catch the poop with the dustpan (not like I didn’t already have to mop the entire kitchen covered in soup.) Well, In my haste to prevent the poop from hitting the floor, I slip on the soup crashing into Ava. As I sat in the middle of the Kitchen floor Ava and I now both covered in poop… I could either laugh or cry… so I did both.


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