Tips to Start Your Fitness Journey…NOW

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It is motivation over knowledge that has the most power to enhance our ability to adopt new healthy habits, behaviors and overcome inevitable obstacles. 1. DEFFINE YOUR WHY. The first stage of setting authentic goals that we will stay motivated to reach, is to define your why. Knowing why you want it will help you define your motivation thought the entire … Read More

Defining My Why

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I began my weight loss journey 7 years ago, after I my first daughter was born. The birth of my daughter changed everything for me! I now had the most amazingly beautiful, perfect and overwhelming source of joy and pride.  I wanted to be able to do everything with and for her. I am now honored to be raising three … Read More

I have been absent from blogging, and present in life.

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This summer has been insanely busy in the best of ways! I have watched my oldest Blossom through Swim Team! Her confidence and self-esteem have soared as she excels in swimming. I find so much joy in watching her find her thing. She has been so driven and self motivated. Despite the early morning practices M-F and Swim Meets every Wednesday … Read More