I have been absent from blogging, and present in life.

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This summer has been insanely busy in the best of ways! I have watched my oldest Blossom through Swim Team! Her confidence and self-esteem have soared as she excels in swimming. I find so much joy in watching her find her thing. She has been so driven and self motivated. Despite the early morning practices M-F and Swim Meets every Wednesday and Saturday, She was eager and excited to go work hard and said adorable things like “ I better eat all my veggies…Ya’ know because I am an athlete.”



I love how she Flexes in almost every Swim Picture. Feeling strong and Proud as she should!!
























I Love how she Flexes in nearly every Swim Picture.

We Officially closed on our First Home (as a family) and have been busily updating and making all the fixes we can to make it home. Not to forget all the late night chats my husband and I have, as we dream of the remodels and changes we hope to “ one day” make.









before and aftersimage









We have been enjoyed every bit of our summer full of good friends, old and new.

IMG_2659IMG_1503 IMG_1126 IMG_2569

















Family visits have filled our days with so many memorable moments. The girls  summer sharing their world with aunts, uncles, grandparents, and shelling peanuts of the front porch with their Great Grandpa Armstrong.

DSC_0070 IMG_2931 IMG_2936




I have also been gearing up for my last year of Grad school and my First year running an in home pre-school. I am so excited to have a classroom again. Though pre-school will be a whole different ball game then teaching High School, I am honored to have this time home with my girls and a chance to start My youngest journey into education with an excitement for learning and a good head start.





I absolutely love summer and all the memories we make each year! I intend to soak up every last minute of this last month before my big girl starts her first year of Kindergarten… I am not going to lie; I am a bit apprehensive about having her gone all-day in school. I am going to miss her so much!

















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