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As promised, here is one of my dirty weight loss tricks. This meal plan is my go to fix, when I have indulged over a Holliday or maybe even stretched that Holliday indulgence  out over a family visit and let’s say… Finals week:).

Let me preface this post, with the facts. The best advice I can give you is to make nutritionally sound choices on a daily basis and engage in an active life style! Any quick fix will be just as quickly undone of you are not willing to make a lifestyle change.

However, for the sale of keeping it real I’ll admit that despite actually losing weight over thanksgiving and Christmas …. The damn Easter bunny and finals got me good:).

The reasons I love it:
It is only three days, I can do anything for three days, especially if there is ice cream involved!
When I follow this meal plan to a-T
(I mean it,no cheating!) I can easily drop 7-10lb in the three days.
Yes, the weight stays off as long as I return to a nutritious and conscientious  eating. It is a quick and effective way for me to get back on track and kick any lingering bad habits or cravings.

Why I hate it:
I can be a bit grumpy on the third day…You’ll see why my husband calls this the ” hobo diet “.
This is not enough calories to fuel an active workout and therefore it must be done on three sequential days of from any fitness routine.

Let me be clear, this is not a sustainable amount of calories and should not be followed beyond the third day or you will screw up your metabolism. But, it is a quick and effective way for me to get back on track.

I follow the three days up with my version of boot camp ( Link here) for two weeks. And before you can say,bingo bango, easter bunny who? I am back on track.

So here you have it dirty weight loss trick one: The three day fat flush.


A miserable but effective way to cut lbs fast.

P.S. When I began my 115 lb weight loss journey, I would use this meal plan once a month for the first 90lb.
Never more than once a month, as such a calorie cut on a regular basis is not healthy and can actually have the reverse effect and slow your metabolism. But when used sparingly to jump start my weight loss or breakthrough a Plato I had success with this plan and the linked fitness routine. To aid in my weight loss goals and make sure I was meeting my nutritional goals I would substitute one meal day with Shakeology to keep my energy levels up.

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