Just keep going! You will get there!

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Middle pic is my pre second baby body, first pic is 6 weeks post partim, I was beyond discouraged and over whelmed. Last pic is one year latter with hard work and determination!

be good to your self, take it one day at a time and anything is possible!!

My first suggestion is, DO NOT compare your results to any one else!!!
Any lb/inch down is a success and better than gaining! I set myself up for failure to many times, by undermining my success by comparing myself  to others… then i would feel bad and eat crap and skip the gym… and the cycle is hard to break.
It took me 2 years after the first baby and I learned allot from that journey. This time I did it in 10  months, by keeping my calories to 1250 if I am not working out and 1400 cal when I do work out. I do lots of squats and lunges and one leg bridge( hips and butt are my hardest spot to tame).
I try to spin 2-3 times a week and usually burn 8-900 calories, lift weights 3 times a week as heavy as I can for each muscle group until I just can’t anymore. Diet wise, I give myself permission to be human and don’t deny any cravings! Portion control is key.
I find that if I beat myself up about food or get really restrictive I eventually cave, overdo it and then feel bad and keep overdoing it. But if I do my best to eat clean and allow my self to have a little of what ever indulgence suits my fancy( as long as I stay with in my calorie goals) i feel good and stay motivated.
I don’t ever tell my self I can’t have it or I can’t have more, I tell myself I don’t want it or I don’t want more. There is power in doing what you want ( even if you are faking “ not wanting more:P )
after my first baby I lost 90 lb in two years usually 1-2 lb a week with many platos. After my second baby i have lost 110 lbs so far. The first 100 was in 10 months, a steady 10 pr month…. the last 15 have taken me 6 months, 2pr month. And I can’t tell you how liberating it is to not care about the scale now, knowing that My healthy habits are engrained and I can be focused on shaping the body I want instead of loosing the extra I despised.

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4 Comments on “Just keep going! You will get there!”

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