Weight Loss Journey: Stephanie’s Story

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My name is Stephanie, I just turned 30 and I run a small business from home. I have two amazing children and a super supportive husband.  I was a thin healthy active teen. I started to gain weight in my early 20s after having kids going through a divorce and the depression that followed my divorce. I gained my weight … Read More

Weight Loss Journey: Charlotte’s Story

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What an awesome opportunity to start this new portion of my blog, meant to encourage and inspire others to take charge of their health, with the very woman who help me take charge of mine. This wonderful woman gave me the final push I needed, to begin my own weight loss journey, with the kind of Blunt Honesty I have come … Read More

Taking on a challenge

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Based on the messages I have been able to get through so far allot of you are more interested in a nutrition or fitness challenge I put together. So let’s do this;)! Leave a comment with some of your goals ie, tone and strength, nutrition, just starting. I will use your comments or private messages to narrow it down and … Read More